Squid game

Vasilisa Kobets
3 min readJul 27, 2022


Have you watched these iconic TV series?

No? — Go on Netflix right now! You won’t regret it!

Yes? — Do you remember the game of Marbles then?

For those who missed this masterpiece, I will explain. The players were divided into couples and had to create a contest using some pebbles. The winner got to stay alive, whereas the loser had to die. They had no place for moral regrets there but just for a savage desire to survive!

So when people ask me why I hate Ukrainians so much when we possess the same passport… The thing is that we are kind of playing the same game, where there is no win-win solution. Both can NOT survive. Someone should die…

Why have we become involved in all of this in the first place then, you might ask? The answer can be found in another animated film — “The sea beast”. Have you checked it out? — No? — Then log in to your Netflix account immediately! You will not be the same person after seeing it!

The story tells us about an ancient conflict between people and sea beasts. Nobody remembered how it all started, but the flaming hatred feeding both parties of the conflict kept on taking the lives of innocent animals for years. A little girl though (not a man, a woman!) managed to uncover the truth! …

Centuries ago, the leaders of the country, driven by greed and vanity tricked their compatriots into believing that there was a threat coming out of the ocean. They printed history books that described horrible scenes of massacres committed by monsters emerging from the marine abyss. Pushed by fear, people started hunting those “monsters” without even trying to verify the information fed to them by their kings and queens.

Looks familiar? Ukraine has been raising hostility towards Russian Federation in the minds of a young generation for almost 3 decades so far. George Soros’s foundation has been printing history textbooks portraying Russia as the biggest enemy of the country of my passport. To be fair, I must say that Russia was employing propaganda describing Ukrainians as a less developed nation, a smaller brother too. As a result, we have been observing fratricidal combat that started in 2014.

Every war is easy to start, but it is extremely difficult to finish. — Sallustius

This fire continues burning, exploiting the grief, suffering, hatred, and desire for revenge of those who fell victims to the confrontation. It is one of a kind Perpetuum mobile currently existing on planet Earth.

So, do you want to die defending the interests of a ruling elite, dear reader? Ultimately, only you can make the right choice for yourself.

P.S. I come from Donetsk, the city that has been terrorized by the terrorist state of Ukraine since 2014. If you believe that Russia is the only reason for this pointless suffering, deaths, and destruction, ask yourself a question I kept on repeating for the past 8 years. Russians had obviously interfered with the Ukrainian state regime. However, why did UKRAINE make a deliberate decision to shell civil infrastructure and kill innocent civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk, and NOT to do it in Crimea, when both parts were taken by Russia?

That bloody choice made by the government of Ukraine will stain their descendants for generations to come!