State and religion as forms of modern slavery.

What is the state? Why do we need it? Is there a place for religion in the age of innovative technology and coronavirus?

Along with the coronavirus pandemic, an economic crisis burst into our lives. However, whereas the virus is a natural phenomenon, the crisis was created artificially. But why? To answer this question, I must say that money is a kind of closed “ecosystem”. They cannot disappear just like that, but they can be redistributed in different constantly changing proportions between the world’s population. And the movement of money in most cases is controlled by a certain ephemeral structure called the “state”. It is necessary to point out that money is not produced by the state, but only controlled.

Where does the state get money from? A random Jack, who works at the plant 5 days a week, receives, for instance, 1,500 USD a month. In reality, he makes from 10% to more than 50% more money, but it is excluded from his paycheck and sent directly to the state in the form of taxes. In addition to income tax, the state also feeds on money from payroll tax, property tax, consumption tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax, dividend tax, excess profits tax, flat tax, gift tax, gross receipts tax, inheritance tax, sales tax, value-added tax, turnover tax, alcoholic tax, carbon tax, financial transaction tax, fuel excise, luxury tax, transfer tax, vehicle excise duty etc. The list is massive. So what do we have in the end? The state does not have its own funds but forms them from the money of people who work. Therefore, the well-known phrase: “The State should give us …” in reality sounds like: “People who work should feed those who don’t.” But why? And most importantly, where do all these funds disappear if, in fact, ordinary workers independently pay for everything they receive from the state “for free”. This is how slavery of the 21st century looks like. Ordinary people create a budget, which is then spent on the needs of government officials who create absolutely nothing. Wait, are the governours the only responsible ones for the crisis? No! There are also other groups of people parasitizing on working people — refugees, unemployed on social benefits, large families, soldiers and veterans of any war after 1945. And what do we have to do with that? Is there a solution to this hopeless situation? — Of course, there is always a way out, but more on that later.

Now about religion. Believing in higher powers that are watching and helping us, regardless of their name — Christ, Allah or Krishna — is, of course, a completely harmless and even very soothing practice. However, problems begin to appear when religion begins to be placed above common sense and morality. Firstly, fixed prices for the services of Orthodox priests. I am not talking about voluntary donation, but about a fixed cost of the service. Was written in the Bible? Catholics are no better off. Due to the ban on priests’ marriages — paedophilia thrives there, thoroughly covered by the Vatican. Muslims went even further. A woman according to that religion does not have any rights of a regular member of society. Do you know that being pregnant without having an officially registered husband is a crime, which is punished with imprisonment in Dubai? Or that the man is not responsible for the rape since it is the woman who is guilty in this situation. Apparently, she has seduced him with her hair, not covered with a scarf! And this is happening today, in 2020! Family and other values ​​recorded in the Bible and the Koran, in fact, are not negative, but their interpretation by men, because only men can be priests, is another modern form of slavery that violates the rights of women and pushes humanity to edge of an abyss.

So where is the way out? Do we all need to become anarchists and atheists? The correct answer is yes! …

Just kidding. Of course not. However, we should finally become educated and sane people. How can we defeat corruption? — At least, by not participating in it. How can we get rid of the homeless, refugees and beggars? By stopping helping them with money. How can we get justice from the state? — To begin with, by taking up self-education on self-isolation. And finally, please stop helping various charitable foundations! Your “help” only breeds fraudsters and helps international criminals launder money stolen from your taxes and earned from weapons, drugs, prostitution and the slave trade. Help the planet physically! Collect garbage around the house! Take plastic, paper, metal and clothes to recycling centres. Adopt a homeless animal! Consume fewer resources and condemn wastefulness and thoughtless consumption. Regarding religion — believe in your god or gods if this helps you feel better. Just remember that no matter what is written in your Holy Book, men are NOT more important than women, and humans are NOT more important than animals and plants. We are all part of an interconnected ecosystem created by nature, and violation of its laws threatens us with complete extinction.