― Napoléon Bonaparte

You must have heard a lot of appeals recently related to the Ukrainian crisis and how you can donate to help the victims of the war. Have you transferred any money to any of those charity funds?

Yes? — Congratulations!

You have just joined the community of murderers!

How does it make you feel?

Remember that your hands are dirty with the blood of innocents from now on! Remember that!

How’s that? — I can imagine how discombobulated your face is at the moment…

Let me explain. I am Ukrainian, currently located in New York, the USA. I have contacted at least 20 different social services and organizations which are supposed to be helping people like myself with at least information! — I got zero help and support. Organizations claiming to help refugees are just a big fat lie feeding the owners of those charities, and their friends — politicians. To name a few, I contacted UNHCR in New York and Washington. I received no reply to my email. I was not allowed to enter their offices (2 of them) when I went there in person. I didn’t receive any information by phone. New York legal assistance also didn’t assist me — only redirected me to like 7 different places where I had to repeat my story over and over again just to hear either: “I will redirect you to a person in charge of this” or “Leave a message and we will call you back”. As you can imagine — they never called back. The Ukrainian consulate was not useful either. First, they didn’t let me inside the building for like an hour. I had to stay outside, even though it was during their working hours and the office didn’t have other visitors. Finally, when I managed to enter, instead of helping me, they started interrogating me over my purpose of going to the US for help and not Europe. Finally, they gave me a one-page document with some phone numbers related to getting medical help in New York and a number of Maria Khorun, who is as she claims a volunteer in the law firm helping Ukrainians. When I called her, she said she would call me back, which as you might expect — never happened.

The more money you donate to those “philanthropic” establishments, the more human lives will be taken by war in my country, giving the military and politicians their eternal source of “passive” income.

It has always been like that. The “cleverest” of us have been using the natural altruism of humans as a way to guarantee their financial stability.

Everything in the world is interconnected and driven by 2 fundamental interdependences “Cause and result” and “Supply and demand”.

People like feeling good about themselves. They like to share, but they don’t like to be used. So telling them directly: “Hey, I want to buy a luxurious car or go to the Maldives. Give me money!” will make them angry. However, saying something like: “Help save Ukrainians! Donate to preserve polar bears! Stop climate change!” evokes a different response. You can still utilize the money those bonhomous simpletons will happily give you straight away to buy your new yacht or a mansion. No one will check where you spent those riches anyway. Just check the recent case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. She promised to donate 7 million dollars to charity, which no one ever received…

If you want to stop deforestation — do not buy products made of wood.

If you wish to keep minks, sables, chinchillas, foxes, or lynxes safe and sound — do not purchase fur coats.

If you want to stop the war — quit donating money to the army! Simple!

If you want to help, give it to somebody in need directly! You can feed a stray cat, you can give a job to a Ukrainian refugee, or help them obtain a work permit. You can plant a tree. I hope you got the point.

As I already mentioned, I come from Donetsk, which has been under constant fire from the Ukrainian army since 2014. Now, as Ukraine wants to get the territory back, it became times more ruthless and inhumane towards the citizens of my region. Missiles have been landing right in front of my house and all over the area around my house damaging practically all the districts of my city. If you want to help a real person, not just a random charity stealing your money, you can send the sum you feel like sharing to this card 5375 4188 0773 5543 (USD) or 5375 4141 2370 5773 (UAH) or 5375 4199 0449 8100 (EUR). It can help that person to start a new life in a new country…



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